Live Your Life

In these times it important to remember that life is truly a gift.

Honestly, the recent events of injustice have the world in a state of unrest while enduring a pandemic. To say that we are going through trials and tribulations would be an understatement. I'm posting this entry 06/01/2020 in the midst of protests across the country because of racist police violence, the latest victim being George Floyd in Minneapolis.

I have been thinking about life and time. I have experience loss of friends and family over the past year and other personal trails. I think about time and how most people including myself take advantage of time. We think that we have all the time in the world but we all have a finite amount of time.

Time gives us the canvas we need to write the book of our narrative. Or paint the picture of our lives. Time is the pencil we use to write our story and the paint we use to paint our picture. We are living in a time where it seems like every day the world is drastically changing we must make every day a day that matters.

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