Korean Sheet Masks

Korean Sheet masks are a wonderful cost effective way to treat your skin right!

Korean sheet masks are serum or essence infused mostly cotton face masks. These masks can be use as a special weekly treat or as much as twice daily. Korean sheet masks have become readily available in drugstores, grocery stores, Ulta, Sephora, Amazon, and there are even sheet masks available to buy at Dollar Tree. Why have sheet masks become so popular so quickly? Let's look at the following reasons!

  1. Inexpensive - I have used sheet masks ranging from $1-15. This includes the Dollar tree sheet masks in the beauty aisle to the fancy Lancome ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE HYDROGEL MELTING SHEET MASK (I got one as a gift with an Ulta purchase). Skincare can be astronomical in price it is nice to have an inexpensive but effective treatment for the face.

  2. Easy to use - Sheet masks are very easy to use. All the sheet masks I have used you usually just need to cleanse your face, tone, and put on a sheet mask for 15-30 minutes depending on the sheet mask. You do not have any special tools or training to have a serum soaked sheet mask on your face. I love it!

  3. Realistic Improvements - What I enjoy about sheet masks is they do not promise miracle results but a good hydration treatment which makes the skin look more moisturized and healthier. I usually do a sheet masks treatment every day and I noticed improvements in my skin over time. My skin is more hydrated and I notice a small reduction in hyper-pigmentation. The realistic results I have noticed with sheet masks are encouraging enough for me to keep going.

  4. Relaxing - One thing that can not be denied about doing a sheet mask treatment is it is very nice to take 15-30 minutes for yourself. On my journey of self-care, it's nice to dedicate some time just for my skin. I like that I am taking out time just to take care of me. I love that I am doing something to take care of myself and improve over time.

If you have not tried a sheet masks treatment I would urge you to try it out. Feel free to buy some masks that are available on Amazon, shameless plug for affiliate links. What's nice about sheet masks available on Amazon is there are available in bulk for cheap and if you are an Amazon Prime member you can get free shipping. I will have some product reviews coming soon I ordered a few sheet masks off Amazon recently, LABUTE Revive The Skin Mask Sheet (Rose mask sheet (10EA)) and the LABUTE Revive The Skin Mask Sheet (Honey mask sheet (10EA)).

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