Why Are Hobbies Important?

In the age of a worldwide quarantine, more people are staying at home bored and idle it is a great opportunity to pick up a hobby which is a great cure for boredom!

  1. Hobbies make you more interesting. When you have hobbies you have more to talk about. You develop specialized knowledge as well as having potential interesting stories. Having hobbies adds dimension to you as a person.

  2. Hobbies help relieve stress. Having hobbies helps you relieve the stress in your day to day life by giving you something else to focus your energy on. It’s easier to relax when you have engaged in a hobby.

  3. Hobbies can expand your social group. Hobbies can give you opportunities to socialize with other people. There are social groups with most hobbies like knitting groups to ping pong leagues.

  4. Hobbies help increase self-esteem and confidence. The is a great sense of accomplishment from building the skill it takes to enjoy most hobbies. That is something to be proud of. Developing the skills from an absolute beginner to being skillful builds self-esteem and confidence.

  5. It helps develop new skills. What is great about hobbies is the development of new skills. With learning a hobby comes knowledge and skills. It is always great to develop new skills that can develop potential money-making avenues.

Hobbies ideas:

  1. Solve jigsaw puzzles

  2. Coloring (adult coloring books)

  3. Reading

  4. Write short stories

  5. Sketching

  6. Painting

  7. Learn to dance

  8. Photography

  9. Origami

  10. Jewelry making

  11. Cooking

  12. Yoga

  13. Learn fashion design

  14. Learn chess

  15. Learn how to play an instrument

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