Why Opera Inspires!

Opera is truly high art!

I am not your typical opera lover. I come from a very humble background and I am a POC woman but I adore opera, unapologetically. The first opera I attended was on a class field-trip because of a generous donor of my high school donated tickets.

I did not know what to expect as a fledgling teen but I was curious. Most of my entertainment at the time consisted of anime and manga but Mefistofele opened up a new appreciation for opera that I am very grateful for as a grown woman. I still remember the opening act, it was a scene of heaven. I was so awestruck by the production quality of a fluffy cloud angelic depiction of "heaven".

I felt so moved by that scene because of the detail and beauty of the set. Honestly, till this day I can not tell you the plot of the Mefistofele but there was something so ethereal about opera that it is hard to put into words, even now.

It might be the melodramatic acting, mixed with the high production quality of the sets, the breathtaking costumes, the amazing vocals of the singers on stage, add an orchestra you have a recipe for what I would consider one of the highest forms of art!

Opera to me is an escape into a fantasy world of high art. Opera is a reminder that life is an art. The way that we dress, speak, and act can be considered an art if developed with deliberate care. Opera to me is a reminder that life is a performance.

We develop the character that we choose to play, by the way, we choose to spend our time, and by what we choose to share with others.

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